Year 10 & 12 Certificate

Sherwood Hills Christian School is a registered school from Years K-12, but we are exempt from accreditation on religious grounds.  In order to receive that exemption, the school must meet all requirements from the New South Wales Education Authority (NESA) before we can apply for the exemption. 

The school must meet all requirements of each syllabus/subject for our students. In order to do this, we utilise a school-based Year 10 and Year 12 educational program, currently the student-directed Accelerated Christian Education program combined with a regular teacher-directed program whereby we meet all the syllabus requirements per core subject. The important difference with our Year 10 and Year 12 certificate is that students must pass each subject to receive either certificate.  Students who do not pass the required subjects will repeat that year of study.

Since our school is exempt from accreditation our students are not eligible for the ROSA nor are they able to sit for the HSC.  Instead the school based Year 10 and Year 12 Certificate that we offer is accepted by NESA as completion of a Year 10 and Year 12 level of education.

The Year 10 and Year 12 Certificate that we offer is accepted by all TAFEs, Colleges, Apprenticeship programs, the Defence Force and all Universities.  In order to be offered a place at University, the senior students are required to complete the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), which is a university entrance exam conducted in one day and recognised around the world. The Senior Students receive extensive practice lessons to prepare for this test. Upon completion of the SAT, the students receive a SAT score which they use to apply to the University Admissions Centre, who then convert the SAT score into an equivalent ATAR (HSC) score.  Our students have successfully gained entry into all universities in New South Wales since the mid-1980s. 

The school has successfully operated in this manner since its inception in 1979.

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