High School

The 2011 school year is the start of many changes for High School Department in Sherwood Hills Christian School. This year, two systems are being offered to cater to the different learning needs of the students.

The ACE system, which is Student-directed is offered mainly to Year Senior students and these students use PACEs to complete a Senior program of study to prepare them for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) at the end of the year. The SAT is used by the Senior students as the means by which they apply for University. Using this method our school has a track record in which over 90% of students who have applied for University have received a first round offer from the University Admission Centre.

A majority of Year 7-10 students are under the Teacher-Directed system, which employs the traditional classroom set-up.

The core subject areas for the teacher-directed system are as follows:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • HSIE
  • Science
  • PDH/PE
  • Bible Classes for Girls & Boys

Elective Classes offered this school year are:

  • Bible Classes for Seniors
  • Visual Arts for Year 7
  • Music for Year 8
  • Food Technology for Year 9 & 10
  • Information Software and Technology for Year 9 & 10
  • Public Speaking for Seniors
  • Business Studies for Seniors
  • SAT Preparatory classes for Seniors

The change that occurred this year meant a change in the physical set-up of the High School classroom. The front classroom, now called the Homeroom no longer functions as a learning centre but a traditional classroom with an Interactive White Board. The back classroom remains a Learning Centre for the Seniors and other students under the ACE system. In addition to these two classrooms are the Computer Room, the Science Lab and a Multi-purpose Classroom where teacher-directed classes are held.

A regular day for High School begins in the chapel with prayer, then reading the monthly memory passage and a short devotion led by Mr van Dijk. Announcements are usually done during this time and other activities such as sword drills and short testimonials are incorporated to add variety to the morning routine. After the morning routines, students are dismissed to go to their respective classes.

The Teacher-directed classes are traditional in nature. The school uses a variety of textbooks and resources to meet each student’s need and the Board of Studies requirements. Each class’ requirement is different but usually includes homework, projects and assessments.

All students in high school have the opportunity to earn Honour Roll each term. Students in High School this year will either be using a combination of the ACE system (student-directed Paces) and some teacher-directed subjects, or only be studying using the teacher-directed subjects. If a student is using both systems of learning; they must satisfy both set of requirements.

Each year the high school classroom has a camp towards the end of the fourth term. This is a time in which the students and the high school staff have the opportunity to interact in a more relaxed environment. A special speaker is chosen each year to lead in the nightly services.

While the high school department have gone through a lot of changes to prepare the students academically, it is still our main goal to prepare our students, spiritually. Bible Classes for Year 7- 10 and Bible classes for seniors are held twice a week and weekly lunch time devotion is also led by Mr. Nightingale to students who wish to attend. Our desire is to see students develop to their full potential spiritually and academically.

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