Sherwood Hills Christian School conducts an annual end of year School Awards Night. The School Awards Night is the time in which we honour those graduating from Kindergarten, Year 6, Year 10 and our Senior Program of Study. The night is also a means in which to honour students who have achieved throughout the school year in many differing categories.

Memory Passage Trophy (Kindergarten, Primary and High School)

Psalm 119:11 states, “Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee.” We believe that it is important for young Christian to memorise Scripture. Each month of the school year the students are given a selection of Scripture to memorise, the length of which varies for each department. Students must say by memory each passage by the end of each particular month.

Students who memorise all the Scripture passages through the school year are awarded with a Memory Passage Trophy. This trophy can be earned by all students and is not based on any other criteria.

Memory Passage Achievement Award (Year 10 and 12 Graduates only)

This is a special plaque awarded to graduates who are leaving the school and who have said every Scripture passage since they have been enrolled in the school. The student must have been enrolled in the school for a minimum of 5 years.

Good Conduct Trophy (Kindergarten, Primary and High School)

The Good Conduct Trophy is awarded to a student who has demonstrated exemplary behaviour throughout the school year. We are very thankful for the students who show good Christian character in the school.

School Spirit Award (Primary and High School only)

This award is presented to the students who have demonstrated a contagious school spirit not only in House Competitions but on excursions and the positive manner in which they present themselves to their peers, teachers and the whole school community.

Most Improved Trophy (Primary and High School)

This award is presented to the students who have shown an improvement in academics and behaviour from either the first to second semester, or from the previous school year. It is a pleasure to reward those students who have striven to improve in their school life.

Sportsmanship (Kindergarten, Primary and High School)

The sports program is an area of school enjoyed by a majority of students. This award is to distinguish those students who not only have demonstrated a high level of skill in the sport program, but have demonstrated a Christian attitude of competition.

Four Terms Honour Roll Award (Kindergarten, Primary and High School)

Each term students have the chance to strive to achieve Honour Roll. The requirements for Honour Roll are quite difficult, and have been purposely created in that manner so that students who achieve Honour Roll can be proud of their achievement. Any student who achieves Honour Roll for all terms of the school year is recognised on Awards night with a trophy.

The requirements for Honour Roll for each department are given to each family upon enrolment in the school, and are listed in the first school letter at the beginning of Term One.

Academic Excellence (Kindergarten, Primary and High School)

The Academic Excellence Award is presented to each student for each school year with a combined award for Senior Years. This award is presented to the student with the highest academic average across all curricula. This award is a highly sought after award by the students, and it requires students to maintain a high academic standard throughout the school year.

Supervisor’s Award (Kindergarten, Primary and High School)

This award is only presented to Five (5) students each year, and is presented to a student who has maintained a high level of academic achievement throughout the year. The students must have demonstrated a consistent Christian character, and shown a respectful attitude, not only towards their teachers but also towards their peers. The recipient of this award must also show initiative in being helpful within the school, and exhibiting a Christian example to the student body.

Principal’s Award Years 10-12 (One Male and One Female Student)

The Principal’s Award is given to a student who has shown a developing Christian maturity in relation to their school work, peers and teachers. This student shows a high level of respect for the school, and maintains a high standard of academics throughout the school year.

Mr and Miss Sherwood Hills Years 10-12

The recipients of Mr and Miss Sherwood Hills are the quintessential school representative. This student represents the values the school seeks to instil in each student in their work, behaviour and attitude. The student’s names are placed on the school Honour Board to recognise their achievement for many years to come. Click on the following link for the qualification criteria for this award –

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