The Difference

Sherwood Hills Christian School is a relatively small school, and wishes to maintain this level of population. We feel that by maintaining this level of population we can have a more effective influence on the students not only academically but in terms of character and spiritual development.

Our Kindergarten program is a specialised reading program called ABCs With ACE and Christi. It is a Christian based program the school has used since its inception. Our Kindergarten class is restricted to no more than 12 students for each year. The Kindergarten class has one teacher and one teacher assistant.

Our Primary department uses a combination of teacher-directed and student-directed teaching methods. The student-directed learning is conducted using the Accelerated Christian Education program (ACE). The ACE system is an individualised system in which students are able to work to their ability level. This is combined with teacher-directed classes across all KLAs. The primary department is limited to 60 students combined from Years 1-6.

Our High School department is conducted using a flexible learning system. Students, in consultation with their parents, will use either the ACE system, or a complete teacher-directed (traditional) system, or a combination of both systems. This will depend upon what learning style best suits the student. The High School department caters to an average of 15 student per Year Level from Years 7-12.

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