House Competitions

In 2006, the school started a school-wide competition, known as ‘The House Comp’. The school was divided into two houses, Mascord Lions and Robson Eagles. These names were derived from two of the pioneer teachers of the school, Miss Roslyn Mascord and Mrs Doreen Robson. The objective of this competition is simple:  earn as many points as they can within the school year. The House with the most number of points at the end of the year, are hailed as the champions and their team and captains are added to the ongoing House Trophy at Award’s Night.

Academically, points can be obtained by reciting Scripture passages and achieving an A or B grade in students’ assessments. Twenty (20) points are awarded to each student for the Scripture Passage and 10 and 5 points for an A and B, respectively.

A House competition is also held each term usually held at various offsite locations, including indoor sport centres, athletic track & field stadiums and local sporting fields, where the teams earn points with different activities:

Term 1 – Outdoor Team Sports gives the opportunity for each House, in age groups, to work as a team in a range of sports such as Cricket, Softball, Netball, and European Handball.

Term 2 – Academic Competition involves a quiz testing the students’ knowledge of past lessons from relevant subjects in each grade which are answered by a buzzer system. Students are divided into teams and grouped by stages and a fun trivia round is also conducted for parents, guardians and friends.

Term 3 – Athletics Carnival focuses on the athletic abilities of the children in track and field.  The field events are Javelin, Discus, Long Jump and High Jump. The track events ranges from 25m dash to 1500m run. Each student competes individually and is awarded by age group at the end of the competition. Winners for each track and field event are given the opportunity to represent the school in the Inter-School Athletics Competition with other Christian schools.

Term 4 – Indoor Team Sports include teams competing in Basketball, Indoor Soccer, Netball and Volleyball. 

Each of these term competitions includes a chant done by each House.  Usually, this is done at the beginning of each competition to boost the morale of the teams. The winner of the chant receives 500 points. This is a good way to see how the whole House works together as they are led by their captains and vice-captains.

The House Competition is a well-rounded competition showcasing every facet of our students’ abilities, whether it be in academics or sports. It aims to build camaraderie between students, leadership skills for the captains and good old fashion sportsmanship.  

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