Entry to the ABC’s Learning Centre begins with the READING READINESS TEST.

This basic introductory test is one which assesses whether the student is ready to embark on the ABCs with ABC and CHRISTI READING PROGRAM. Failure to pass this test will mean your child will not be offered a place for enrolment.

This comprehensive specialised reading program is absolutely brilliant and comes to life with puppets, songs, rhymes and games and is closely linked with all academics and elective subject areas and Key Learning Areas (K.L.A.’s):

  • Animal Science
  • Bible Reading
  • Math
  • PDHPE – Physical Development, Health and Physical Education/Sport
  • English – Literacy/Grammar/Writing/Reading/Oral Expression/Listening
  • Word Building – Sounds, Handwriting, Spelling, Dictation, Comprehension, Phonics, Diction, Science and Technology
  • HSIE – Human Society and Its Environment
  • Creative & Visual Arts – Music, Drama, Arts/Crafts Painting

The ABC’s specialised reading program is one that requires parents to maintain a level of homework for their child to obtain the most from the ABC course. Students that complete this sound/phonics and reading homework, progress at a steady rate, reaching a very high standard. This enables the student to launch out confidently into the Comprehensive Primary Program.
ABCs start the day with pledges, prayer, and devotions. Then the ACE and CHRISTI reading program begins on the mat, at the front of the room, facing our Sounds Chart, which is constantly being added to.

The morning program is one involving most of our PACE work, in which the lesson is taught to the class as a whole, and then students have to complete their work individually and usually in their own private office. If students need help, they put up their FLAG which the supervisor will answer.

If students do not complete the required work necessary, they will have to continue as Homework. The teacher will write the date and pages required on the front of the PACE, which will be placed in the child’s Homework Folder. The PACE MUST come back to school the next day.

The afternoon program is extremely busy with all our elective subjects. ABC’s elective worksheets will be placed in their respective A4 Folders, kept on their desk, or displayed around the room. Parents are most welcome to come and see their child’s work and check on their progress at a suitable time for them and the class supervisor.

The ABC classroom is one which displays much of the student’s work. The children are constantly encouraged to achieve a high standard of work. They must do their very best for God and themselves, so they will have a fine sense of accomplishment.

For ABC students to progress to Primary, they must achieve 100%, in the ABC’s with ACE & CHRISTI READING EXAMINATION, called “The POST TEST”. PASSING THE POST TEST gives the student the Honour of being able to achieve, the “ABC’s with ACE & CHRISTI DIPLOMA” on Award’s night. This diploma is the HIGHEST HONOUR achievable in the ABC Learning Centre, along with the ABC Scripture Memory Trophy. If a student recites every Scripture Memory Passage, each month, they earn the blessing of putting God’s Word to Memory, plus, receive a trophy for doing so!!

It is an honour and privilege to work with God’s little children in the ABC’s. It is wonderful to see them grow, learn to read and gain confidence to progress through each stage at Sherwood Hills Christian School.

ABC’S student, behaviour and discipline policy

The ABC Learning Centre revolves around a system of positive reinforcement and encouragement.
The ABC Learning Centre revolves around a reward system of awards, merits, stickers, points, and prizes from the “Prize Box”. Once students receive 7 stickers, they can choose a prize. Stickers are given for good behaviour, a good work ethic, wonderful manners and Christian character. This system encourages students to perform at their best and grow in character traits that would please God and bring Him glory. It also encourages peace and harmony in the classroom and fosters a sense of cooperation and friendship. The students are constantly encouraged to congratulate each other on their achievements.

ABC students work and earn rewards as they do so. Students are also expected to abide by classroom rules and regulations, respecting and listening to others, especially those in authority.
The issuing of demerits is at the discretion of the Teacher and Teacher’s Aide. Automatic detentions are issued by the Teacher.
Students earn demerits for the following:


A – unauthorized area
B – disobedience
C – chair out
D – disturbance in class
M – messy
N – sent to the Headmaster
R – rocking on chair
R.R. – refusing to work
T – talking
W – wasting time
W.W. – whine/winge
X – detention violation
C.B. – chatting back/arguing


1. insolence/rudeness
2. bad language/swearing
3. cheating
4. lying
5. fighting
6. bullying
7. hurtful or dangerous acts to self & others
8. destroying things
9. other

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